This Terms of Use is a legally binding agreement between Coupon free (hereafter referred to as “Coupon free”, “Us”, “We”, or “Our”) and any user (“You”, “Your”, “Yourself”, “User”, “Customer”, “Signee”, “Brand”, “Store”, or “Business”), who is anyone soliciting or using the website, our newsletters, or any other services offered by Coupon Free.

Acceptance of Terms of Use

You are not required to provide any digital or physical signature to accept the terms and conditions in this electronic document. You will be in complete agreement of all the Terms and Conditions mentioned here by continuing to use our website, the services and/or features available on this website.


Couponfree reserves the right to change the content of this document as and when it deems fit. By continuing to use our website and Coupon free services, the user agrees to abide by all the terms and conditions that are covered in this document.

For any clarification regarding the Terms and Conditions, users can email us at support@couponfree.in.

Registration and Membership

Users of Couponfree need not be registered with us to use many of our services. However, they can register to avail additional features.

When a user registers with us, they must provide accurate and current details like Full Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and so on. If any of the details are found to be incorrect, or if Couponfree has reason to believe that they could be incorrect, then we reserve the right to terminate all services of the user and prevent all current and/or future access to our services. This is in addition to other remedies and rights that may be available to us.

The user also understands that we store any personal information that they share with us and may use it to send marketing or promotional messages to them.

Discounts, Cashbacks, Offers, and Referral Fees

  • The user understands that any monetary transactions that they make are solely between them and the respective retailer, store, or brand. We are not responsible for any dispute arising out of such transactions, including but not limited to transaction errors, substandard product or service delivery, and breach of contract between them.
  • We might earn a referral fee when the user makes a transaction on the retailer’s website through us. From time to time, we may transfer a part, full, or an amount higher than the referral fee to our users for qualifying transactions. This cashback is processed only after receiving the referral fee from the respective retailer. Also, as to what constitutes a qualifying transaction is solely decided by the Couponfree, and their decision is final.

Disclaimers and Indemnity Clauses

The clauses listed in this section shall survive the expiry or termination of this Terms and Conditions.

  • Any and all information published by Coupon free on this website is done so without any commitment from our side to guarantee the accuracy, validity, or timeliness of the content. The user is required to independently verify the information before using the said content or acting on it. The user also agrees to defend, indemnify and hold us harmless for any loss or damage incurred by the user on account of their use of the content or materials from the website.
  • The user agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Coupon free, its directors, owners, stakeholders, officers, employees, agents, and their successors from and against any and all claims, damages, losses, and any other expenses, including attorney’s fees, that may result from any losses or liabilities caused to us by the user’s misuse of our services, violation of terms, payment of statutory dues and taxes, infringement of copyrights, and other actions.

Intellectual Property

All the text, images, graphics, media, trademarks, and other intellectual property appearing on the site are either owned by us or licensed to us. Using our services, website, or any part thereof, does not grant the user any license to use any intellectual property on the site, unless otherwise explicitly permitted by an appropriate authority in written form. Reproduction, creating derivative works, or distribution of our intellectual property without our express permission is strictly prohibited and is a crime. In addition to these conditions, the following terms apply wherever relevant:

  • Any media, be it text, graphics, custom images, or other media created by us for the store page are solely our intellectual property.
  • The logo and promo video displayed on each store page belong to the respective store or brand from whom they have been obtained.

Feedback and Recommendations

  • Any feedback provided by the user to the website, via mail, or in any other communications to us is solely the intellectual property of Coupon free.
  • The user will not be entitled to any form of compensation for sharing their feedback.
  • The user warrants that the feedback they have shared does not contain any intellectual property belonging to you or a third party.
  • They also warrant that the feedback does not include confidential information belonging to them or any third party and that Coupon Free shall be free to use that information in a completely unrestricted basis.

Third-party Content

To enrich our users’ experience, we offer third-party content whenever and wherever relevant and may hyperlink this content to the respective party’s website or applications. We strongly recommend that our users read and abide by the Terms and Conditions of such hyperlinked services, before they start using their services.

We reserve the right to monetize affiliate links to such third parties. However, we neither endorse nor support the terms and conditions of any brand, store, or other third parties appearing on the site and are not responsible or party to any dispute arising between the user and the brands.


The user will be solely responsible for maintaining the security of their account on the website. Coupon Free encourages them to make use of appropriate settings and features available to them to give their account a high degree of security. Coupon free considers all the activity on our website made using your account as your actions, irrespective of who is using your account. If they have reason to believe that their account’s security has been compromised, then they should inform Coupon Free immediately, so that we can take appropriate steps to secure their account.

User’s Obligations & Abuse

ABC and its agents never solicit, encourage, or force users to post positive reviews on the website for retailers, stores, or brands. All reviews are posted by users solely based on their own discretion and experience with the merchants. ABC does not accept any responsibility for the content created by the users on the website whatsoever.

If the users find any objectionable content on the website, they are encouraged to bring this to our notice immediately. Their identity and their act of bringing to notice to such objectionable content will not be made public to protect their interests. 


The user agrees to receive electronic communications from Coupon free periodically and as and when required. Coupon free will send any notices to the user either on the website, the user’s email address, or via their telephone number. Any communication made thereof will be deemed adequate notice of services, termination, or any other communication to the maximum extent as permitted under the applicable law.

Arbitration / Dispute Resolution

All services offered by Coupon free are subjected to the laws of India. Couponfree makes no claim that the services or the content offered by it are suitable for any other jurisdictions. The user and Coupon free are both in agreement that any dispute that reaches the court of law will be instituted only in a court in the city of Chennai .